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【Product Name】:SF supermicro pulverizer


It is one of the necessary equipment pharmaceutical chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors granular raw materials into tablets or granules. It tests for small batch production, laboratories, hospitals and other departments to suppress food: candy pieces, coffee block, chocolate, flavored pieces, chicken pieces, glucose blocks; Agriculture: feed block, fertilizer tablets, animal food; electronic battery: Thermistor , IC components, Carboniferous brush films, charcoal fast; health care products: calcium, propolis tablets, effervescent tablets, bath salts tablets. Chemical: disinfection tablets, insect repellent films, mothballs, detergents, fragrances, catalysts, metallurgy powder, glass powder, ceramic powder products, art powder, sand round block, magnetic materials. It can suppress a variety of special-shaped, circular tablets engraved with the trademark double-sided and can suppress the text simple graphics tablet.

The main technical parameters:

Model THP-6 THP-10
Maximum tablet pressure(kN) 60 100
Maximum tablet diameter(mm) 40 50
The maximum filling depth(mm) 25 Forty five
Circular piece maximum diameter(mm) Twenty two 35
Circular aperture diameter(mm) 5-10 6-14
Annular plate filling depth(mm) 25 Forty five
Production capacity(pieces/min.) 34-50 35-50
Motor Power(kW) 1.1 3.7
Dimensions(mm) 685 * 565 * 1610 666 * 860 * 1824
Weight(kg) 520 750
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