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【Product Name】:ZP19D dextrose candy tablet press Coffee-tablet tablet press

Candy tablet press can use my company's rotary tablet machine to meet the needs of manufacturers of mass-produced, depending on the size of the tablet, different, ZPW17D, 19D type I plant production is developed from a single automatic rotary continuous pressure tableting machine, he will granular materials into a variety of general type and shaped pieces. Mainly used in electronics, food, daily necessities, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors external casing is fully enclosed, made ​​of stainless steel, in line with GMP standards. With a transparent viewing window can clearly see all the work of the machine and capable of opening, the internal clarity and easy maintenance.
Candy tablet press with a pressure, a large tablet range, can press a variety of shapes and shaped tablets general, ring and other features, especially for more variety, small batch production. Mechatronics, all controllers and devices are located on one side of the body, easy to operate. Equipped with a pressure overload protection device to prevent damage to the machine. Using oil immersion lubrication of the transmission mechanism enclosed in the bottom of the body, extending the life of avoiding cross-contamination. Punch tablet press with ZP17 GM can be used to suppress candy tablets, milk tablets, chewable tablets, buccal tablets, glucose tablets, etc..
Technical parameters:

Die number(sets) 17 19
Maximum tablet pressure(kN) 60 60
Maximum tablet diameter(mm) 20 12
The maximum depth of fill(mm) 15 15
Maximum tablet thickness(mm) 6 6
Yield(pcs/h) 36,000 40,000
Turntable speed(rev/min) 35 35
Motor Powerr(kW) 2.2/960, 380V/50 2.2/960, 380V/50
Dimensions(mm) 615 x 890 x 1,415 615 x 890 x 1,415
Weight(kg) 100 100
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