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【Product Name】:CH100 trough type mixing machine | agitator | Dry powder mixing machine

CH Series channel mixer Introduction:

This machine is stainless steel horizontal channel mixer for mixing powder or paste materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food products. How it works:

This machine by mechanical rotation, the S-type impeller rotation, push the material back and forth flip, mixing, using electrical control operation, the mixing time can be set to automatically shut down, thereby improving the quality of each batch of mixed materials.

CH Series channel mixer technical parameters:

Model 100type
Blades form S single pulp
Working volume (L) 100
Stirring speed(r/min) 24
Pour mix angle <105°
Stir Electric(kw) 2.2
Pouring motor(kw) 0.55
Dimensions(mm) 1400×580×1000
Weight(kg) 350

1, the machine is a single plasma within a horizontal trough mixer for mixing paste-like material, so that mixing of different material, and the material is not to be dissolved in the mixing process, volatile or deterioration.

2, the machine does not apply to liquid or viscosity is too large mixing materials.


This machine is applicable to pharmaceutical chemical powder particles mixing, stirring and mixing of feed ingredients, food ingredients mixing, etc.

Structural features

1, the machine as a whole frame, rugged, smooth, stirring paddle and materials in contact at all with stainless steel, has excellent corrosion resistance and maintain the quality of materials and clean, without discoloration.

2, the transmission mechanism using worm, the worm drive directly, without the use of too large a sound, and there is enough oil reserves, to get a good lubrication.

[Note] structure

A stirring reducer

The retarder system as the main transmission structure of the mixer, which is located to the right machine, by means of a motor in the machine plane through V-belt drive worm work to 1:40 deceleration driven mixer. Worm

Hollow shaft and fitted with fixed keys, freedom of assembly and disassembly can paddle. Reducer is equipped with two rings on top of the screw for assembly and disassembly, install and use. Fitted with a screw cap on the high-speed impeller positioning has been adjusted at the factory, usually do not have to tune in use.

2, the mixing tank

Mixing tank for the U shape, made ​​of stainless steel, built-in stirring paddle, it lying down on the stirring speed reducer and reducer material.

3, pouring reducer

Pouring angle reducer for controlling the positioning of the mixing tank, which is located in the left side of the machine, by means of a motor in the machine base in a certain range of angles of rotation through the work of V-belt drive worm, driven mixing tank, mixing materials once pour.

4, frame and motor unit

Frame structure as a whole, a motor mounted in the base plate on both sides of the activities, the vertical screw can be used to adjust the motor so that a certain elastic belt keep driving force.

5, the electrical control box

The control box is to control the movement of the machine, which is located to the right machinery, the drive can be pushed the mixing tank mixing tank "up" "down" button, pushed the note not both.

[Mechanical Lubrication]

Reducer lubrication using oil-immersed, its oil reserves must be held in the oil standard line, the oil must be kept clean. Such as the frequent use should be changed every three months a new oil should be replaced after the reducer washable cleaning, plus new oil.

Instructions and Notes

1, before use should be a dry run test, the test should be preceded by checking the machine all the strength of the connections, the integrity of the internal oil volume reducer and electrical equipment, and then close the main switch, which leads to power, were empty running test.

2, empty running test should take this specification and the role of the first 15 steps require itemized test. Was not found in the

Under normal sound, bearing gear high fever reducer temperature helicopters and other undesirable phenomena before production.

3, in operation For scraping groove wall materials, application bamboo tool, must hand in order to avoid hand injury accident.

4, in the use of machine vibration is found abnormal or unusual strange noise, you should immediately stop checking.

5, using the load is not too large, generally measured by the load of the motor, when mixed with a 380V motor overload current to no more than 6 amps as normal, such as overloading should immediately reduce mixing capacity.

6, paddle ends of the seal should be kept clean to avoid black material, deterioration, mixing tank at both ends of the outer gear left square hole, should smooth, do not make jam, so anti-stress effect, so that the dirt infiltration axis, so that the tank material black, deterioration.

7, managers must be familiar with the technical performance of the machine, internal structure, control the use of the principle structure. Not leave the workplace during the operation to prevent malfunction and damage parts, in order to ensure safety in production as a precondition.

[Care instructions]

A regular inspection parts, 1-2 times a month, check the project for worm, worm, bearings, shaft seal and other moving parts are rotating flexible and wear, find defects should be repaired in order to work properly.

2, electrical control components, should be kept clean, sensitive, found fault should be promptly repaired.

3, once used up or shut down, remove surplus materials, clear brush residual powder sub-machine parts. Such as disabling a long time, all the machines must be clean, and cover with a tarpaulin good.

4, should paddle assembly and disassembly light demolition, stabilization equipment, light, avoid distortion damage.

[Installation Instructions]

1, the machine as a whole packing, unpacking moved to the proper place after use, you can use the pad level, such as the status of fixed ground screw can be installed.

2, electrical wiring devices should be noted that the voltage, the user does not author, will be given for the exchange of 380V. Should pay attention to electrical wiring in the direction of rotation required to machine.

3, in order to ensure electrical safety must be attached to a valid ground.

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