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【Product Name】:SZ300 vibrating type rotary powder-removing screen


SZ300 Vibrated Rotary Sifter is a new generation sifter to remove powder from the tablet by advantage of the principle of electromagnetic vibration. It features small volume,high efficiency of energy saving and in compliance with the require ments of GMP specifications,in comparison with the traditional mechanic sifter. In operation,it should be allied with deduster and compressed air. It can remove burrs and fine powder on the tablet,with no static electricity generated. It is applicable to fields such as pharmaceutical,chemical and foodstufff.SZ300-1 is a new geneiation moduct,with the inlet out the botton and lutlet on the top for more tesised dffeat of powder removid.

The main technical parameters]

largest producing piece quantity 550000(∮6discs inspection data)
Power ∠82dB
Maximum noise 220V 50HZ 50W
Shape dimension 410×410×880
Weight 34kg
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