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【Product Name】:ZPY129 Rotary type tablet press

Purpose: ZPY129 series rotary tablet press is a series of products can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food and other industries to suppress a variety of round and shaped tablets, change series tablet press meet the pharmaceutical production and quality management of GMP standards, compression chamber and the transmission mechanism is completely separate, tabletting room without any paint, and drug contact parts are stainless steel or with special surface treatment, non-toxic and resistant to corrosion. ZPY124 series tablet press is no centralized lubrication consecutive series, so that the transmission system, rail and main part adequately lubricated friction, noise and wear reduction, so that greatly reduce maintenance costs to meet the requirements for filling powder and other raw materials. Tablet, film thickness, filling, speed adjustable hand wheels, all kinds of lights, signs, buttons are located in the same direction, observation, easy to operate.

ZPY124 series rotary tablet press using a combination of design, compact structure, more than 90% of the parts with other models in the series universal, easy to manage and change the spare parts, molds IPT standard.

Model ZPY136 ZPY129 ZPY124
Die number 36 29 24
Maximum tablet pressure 120KN 120KN 120KN
Maximum tablet diameter 13mm 18 22
The maximum depth of fill 18mm 18 18
The maximum production capacity 150000pcs/h 120000 64000
Main motor power 4kw
Machine height With Hopper 1800 Without hopper 1580
Area 930*950
Weight 1400
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