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【Product Name】:Throat-smoothing tablet tablet press | Traditional Chinese medicine tablet press |Coffee-tablet tablet press

This machine is a double pressing and prepressing type capable of automatic revoluton and continuous pressing to press raw materiai in particle form into tablets.lt mainly applies to the tablet production in pharmaceutical industry and also is applicable to chemical,food,electronic and etc.Stainless steel casing is of fully enclosed structure and internal surfaces are made of stainless steel.The surface of the rotary table receives special treatment so that it mainly applies to the tablet surface gloss and prevent cross infection,and conform to GMP requirements as well. Window and doors with transparent glasses results in clear watch for tablets and can be fully opened to achieve easy cleaning and service of inside.The machine uses frequency conversion device to regulate speed electrically.which is featured by eoferation,steady rotation,safety and correctness.All transmission devices are arranged inside the machine so as to keep pars clean.The reasonably designed hydraulic system can ensure the stbility of hydraulic system.Overload protedtive device is mounted so that when the pressure is overloaded,the machine will automatically stop.This machine is furnished with solenoid braking motor and other safety devices and can be adjusted and operated during operation. Dies are interchangeable with press ZP19,ZP33,ZP33Band ZP35.


DIES 35sets
MAX.DIAOFTABLET 13mm(Alien 15.5mm mm)
TURRETSPEED 14-36r/min
MOTOR 4KW,960r/min,380V/50Hz,50Hz
OVERALLSIZE 910×1120×1650mm

The scope of application

The machine can be pressed powders, granules into 13 mm or less round or shaped tablets, tablet thickness, pressure, size, tabletting speed can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics and other industries.
Pharmaceutical industry: Herbal tablets, medicine tablet, nutrient tablets

Food industry: candy pieces, coffee tablets, lozenges, chocolate beans, seasonings block

The health care industry: buccal tablets, milk tablets, calcium tablets, propolis tablets

Electronic Battery Industry: Electronic components, button batteries

Chemical industry: mothballs, aromatic balls, fertilizer tablets, mosquito coils, catalyst, disinfection tablets, powder

Metallurgical ceramics industry: Catalyst, grain powder metallurgy, ceramics grain, sheet metal

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