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【Product Name】:Mould of tablet press

Tablet press die | may lettering die | lettering punch tablet press is an important part, the industry is also known as tablet press die. A pay into the tablet press die punch dies, the punch die, stamping die next three sections. We have a circular die manufacturing, special type, rotary, single type, etc., in the material, heat treatment, grinding, polishing, etc. Each process contains many years of technical experience. In particular, is the choice of the material, specially selected steel imports in order to improve the quality of the mold. In the technical specifications, and always adhere to manufacturing standards. Tablet press mold assembly on a tablet machine for pressing the medicine tablet, nutrient tablets, tablets, spirulina tablets, milk tablets, vitamin C effervescent tablets, effervescent tablets, seasonings block, mothballs (mothballs), aromatic balls, disinfectant tablets, fertilizer tablets, bath salts ball, button batteries, electronic components, ceramic grain powder metallurgy. Tablet press die | may lettering die | lettering punch Specifications:
Ø 5mm deep cambered and above

Ø 5mm above the shallow arc and

Ø 5mm and above hypotenuse plane
Alien (triangles, ovals, and other geometric shapes)

Tablet press die | may lettering die | lettering punch features:
Using carbon steel, bearing steel, chrome 12 material manufacturing

Digital processing center finishing manufacturing, in line with standard IPT
Corrosion resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, high temperature, long life

Interchangeability 100% (whether round or a special type of mold)
Accuracy: up to 2
The roughness of the surface of the mold surface Ra 0.1, the rest of the mating surfaces of Ra 0.4
Hardness: die HRC58 + 2, the mold HRC60 + 2

Tablet press die | may lettering die | lettering punch widely used in:
ZP series tablet press
THP series tablet press
ZPW series tablet press
TDP series tablet press
DP series tablet press
Single punch tablet press
Flower Basket Tablet Press
Small rotary tablet machine

Tablet press die | may lettering die | lettering punch can be suppressed:
Tablets, pills and other drugs
PTFE sealing ring, mothballs (mothballs) and other chemical products
Milk tablets, calcium tablets, buccal tablets, and other health food
Oxide ceramics, ceramic balls and other electronic products
Baht magnetic bracelets, chains beads and other metallurgical products.

Mold maintenance

The main contents of wiping, lubrication and inspection.

A, pretended when maintenance:

Before 1 pretended to be on the upper and lower surfaces of the mold wiping ensure the mold mounting surface and press work surfaces free from crushing down and die mounting surface parallelism in production;

2 die installed after the mold is opened, the mold clean distinguish ministries, especially guiding mechanism for surface mold, which type of surface to be wiped clean in order to ensure the quality of parts of;

B, production and maintenance:

1 production in the corresponding part of the mold on a regular basis were oiled. Such as: drawing die ring binder, rounded; trimming knife mold parts; knife block flange portion and the like;

2 regularly trimming hole punching die to clean up waste scrap Road.

C, after production and maintenance:

After 1 production should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mold;

2. comprehensive wiping die to ensure the cleanliness of the mold;

3 will scrap the mold clean up the waste box to ensure no waste;

4 If the long-term use, spray anti-rust oil, if not long-term use, reprocessing and clean on the inside to clean up after a good diesel.

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