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【Product Name】:ZPW21 art powder cake tablet press

This series of tablet press is the latest development of the design of a rotary tablet machine for granular materials into various shapes of tablets. In addition to pressing round tablets the machine outside, but also to suppress the shaped tablets, special piece, double piece, ring piece, etc., can be customized according to your requirements. When simultaneous operation, low noise, high pressure, overvoltage shutdown to avoid damage to the machine. 1, with a transparent protective cover can be clearly seen in the case of a mechanical operation. And can fully open for easy cleaning and maintenance.

2, stepless speed can be adjusted.

3, according to the need to select the tableting pressure, and can be displayed on the pressure gauge.

4, installation with the key value levers can suppress different shape tablets.

5, with a compressed bilayer tablets, track, roller ring tablets and other devices will be able to double the pressure plate and the ring piece.

6, without stopping to complete the test, adjustments.

7, indoor and material contact parts made of stainless steel or surface through a special anti-corrosion treatment.

Type(Type) ZP21
Die number(pay)(set) Twenty one
Maximum tablet pressure(kn) 80
Maximum tablet diameter(mm) 30
The maximum depth of fill(mm) 18
Maximum tablet thickness(mm) 9
Rotary speed(r/min) 10-36
The punch length(mm) 175mm
Undershoot rod length(mm) 185mm
Output(pcs/h) 45000
Motor power(kw) 3kw
Dimensions(mm) 900 * 800 * 1640
Weight(kg) 1500
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