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【Product Name】:ZP17 Rotary type tablet press

The machine used for all kinds of granular materials into round tablets, but also pressed into various shaped pieces of geometric shapes, the most suitable for small batch production. Tabletting things turntable speed, filling depth, tablet thickness of material can be adjusted. Mechanical cushioning device on the machine to avoid excessive mechanical damage caused by overload. Body side with smoke powder box, through the suction nozzle can absorb dust generated when the machine moving forward, to avoid clogging bonding and re-use of recyclable materials. This machine has won the State Pharmaceutical Administration Award for quality products.

The main technical parameters:

Die number 17,19 pay
Maximum tablet pressure 50 kN
Maximum tablet diameter 20 mm
The maximum depth of fill 15 mm
Maximum tablet thickness 6 mm
Wheel speed 20-40 rev/min
Production capacity 2-4 million/time
Electrical 22 kilowatts, 960 r/min, 380 V/50/He
Dimensions 880 * 750 * 1600 mm
Weight 560 kg



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