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【Product Name】:BY1000 Water chestnut type coating machine

BY1000 Sugarcoating machine features:

BY1000 Sugarcoating machines for the pharmaceutical and food industries as tablets, pills wrapped in icing. Also used for rolling and heating beans and edible nuts or seeds. Its characteristics are sugar-coated ball tilt angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal direction, the ball can be placed under the stove, gas and other direct heating equipment. Random with a separate electric blower, the duct extends into the ball can be used for heating or blowing cold, the heat can be divided into second gear adjustment, maintaining smooth and simple operation, low noise.

Sugarcoating machine BY1000 widely used in: pharmaceutical industry, large pharmaceutical(companies), the chemical industry.

Technical parameters:

Model BY600 BY800 BY1000
Production capacity 30-60 50-100 70-150
Sugar-coated pot diameter 600 300 1000
Sugar-coated pan speed According to demand According to demand According to demand
Sugar-coated pan adjustable to any angle 15-95 15-95 15-95
Main motor power 0.55 1.1 1.1 2.2 1.5 2.2
Electric wire power 1000 1000 * 2 1000 * 2

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