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【Product Name】:BY800 film coating machine


This machine has a simple, easy to operate, one-sided smooth, bright, delicate, saving materials, easy maintenance, etc., is the ideal choice experiment equipment. The machine is in the appearance of the sugar-coated core western movie, film and other coating equipment, the original common type of icing machine transformation of the new equipment. Mainly by the host (formerly icing machine), controlled room temperature, hot air system, for part of the liquid gas supply automatically spray system components. It is controlled by electrical automatic way to coating materials with high atomizing spray gun to the tablet surface, while the tablets in a coating pan for a continuous complex trajectory, so that the coating liquid evenly wrapped in tablet core chip , room temperature, the pot has a controllable hot-air drying of the tablets at the same time.


Pot diameter (mm) 800
Production capacity (Kg/times) 70-150
Shun angle α(adjustable) 15°-45°
Pot speed(r/min) 32
Main motor Y90S-4 1.5KW
Speed 1400r/min
Dimensions(L×W×H) 1000×980×1500
Weight(kg) 280

Clockwise rotation pot, spray several times to re-pot chip syrup + mixed slurry, so that the syrup mixture evenly coated in the chip, and sugar-coated roll in the pot, and the pot through the hot air to remove the tablet surface moisture and get qualified icing process principles.
Main motor through the triangle belt drive, gear reducer pan pot shots to make the pot to get a reasonable speed, pot smooth, self-locking. Use and maintenance
1, before starting the machine must be checked whether the slowdown has added oil, and to the oil standard line, each part of the machine for loose fasteners, wipe the pot.
2, the power is turned so that the pot should be clockwise, namely V-belt drive and belt guard should sign the same, empty machine running two minutes, no abnormal phenomenon can be put to work.
3, and inclination of the object and the means to exchange information about the performance of sugar-coating pan, when the inclination 30º productivity and quality are good.
1, should be changed regularly reducer rolling bearing lubricants and add at the grease, oil can be replaced every six months.
2, the machine if not longer be wiped clean with a hood cover well.
3, are not free to dismantle the belt guard, cover boxes and other parts.
4, should be promptly Shang Hao cover electrical maintenance, to ensure safe use.
5, the machine must be grounded.
Icing sugar for coating refers to the main coating material currently applied more widely at home and abroad. Its coating process and materials are described below:
(1) isolation layer (sealing) is the layer in the tablet core from the isolation of outsourcing the coating layer, the coating solution which is to prevent the penetration of moisture into the tablet cores, etc., the spacer layer has a moisture absorption of the coated tablets important role. Pack isolation layer material often used in water-insoluble materials, good waterproof performance. Common Ownership Ⅳ No. acrylic resin and corn protein, etc., is also useful. Ⅱ and Ⅲ, acrylic resins, etc., these materials are described in film coating material. No. No. Ⅱ and Ⅱ resin is enteric material, use should be very careful in order to avoid adverse effects on the disintegration and drug dissolution and so on. Also available HPMC, HPC and other organic solvent solution of the isolation layer package, the package can also be used an aqueous solution of gelatin, the spacer layer, but it is not strong moisture resistance.
(2) coat layer (sub-coating) the edges of the tablet core is wrapped round the corners coating layer, i.e. the spacer layer tablet core has been coated with a suitable adhesive after wetting wetting, dusting added amount, so sticky attached to the tablet surface, the above operation is repeated several times until the tablet core edges disappear. The aqueous binder is commonly used in wet gelatin, gum arabic and sucrose, etc. also spend a mixed aqueous solution of the material. Sprinkle talcum powder is commonly used, sucrose powder, sometimes with white clay, dextrin.
(3) sugar-coated layer (smoothing and rounding) is a topical sugar-coat layer packet layer sucrose clothing, make the surface smooth and delicate. Medical Education | network collected commonly suitable concentration of the aqueous solution of sucrose.
(4) color icing layer (colouring) that had finished sugar-coated layer, the surface is smooth tablets, but with the addition of a suitable pigment wetting sucrose solution adheres to the surface, made ​​of colored icing dry layer, should be used in food coloring However, in the one-sided and easy to produce soluble pigment spots, the best selection of insoluble pigments, such as "lake." Lake (Lake), also known as aluminum lake, the adsorbent is made ​​of an insoluble pigment colorant. Several foreign models (color), and with the color, does not produce stain. May also be an insoluble colored compound, such as certain iron compounds.
(5) light layer (polishing) in the sugar coating is the outer thin layer of wax coated in order to increase the gloss. General domestic use insect wax, can also be used other wax.
In the case of using the same quality of the coating powder, the coating operation, and often problems to solve are as follows:
A sticky film: mainly due to the amount of fast jet, in violation of the principle of evaporation of the solvent balance sheet leaving mutual adhesion. This is the case, should be appropriately reduced liquid spray coating, improve air temperature, speed pan speed.
2, the "orange peel" film: the degree of enrichment is mainly due to the drying of droplets heated properly, leaving low pressure spray coating solution sprayed coating film caused by uneven ripples appear. This is the case, you should immediately control the evaporation rate and improve the spray pressure.
3, "bridging": refers to the clothes on the result sheet membrane lettering signs blurred. The solution is: slow down spray coating speed, reducing the drying temperature, and should pay attention to control air temperature.
4, pigmentation: This situation is due to the agitation with uneven coating liquid or solid enough trait caused fineness. The solution is: should stir with a coating solution.
5, tablet film coating surface or edge cracks, cracking, spalling or tablet edge wear: If the inappropriate choice of solid content coating solution, coating machine speed is too fast, too small to cause the spray, you should select the appropriate coating solution solid content, appropriate adjust the speed and size of the spray volume; if caused by bad piece hardness of heart, and the process should be improved formulation piece of heart.
6, clothing film showed a "blooming": This situation is due to the hot air humidity is too high, way too long spray, fog caused poor results. You should be appropriate to reduce the temperature, shorten the spray process, improve atomization.
7, there is a color difference between the tablets: This situation is due to the uneven spray liquid jet fan or excessive solids content of the coating solution or coating machine caused by the slow speed. You should regulate the spray gun angle, lower solids content of the coating solution, an appropriate increase in coating machine speed.
8, clothing membrane surface pinholes: This situation is due to the excessive involvement in the preparation of the coating liquid air caused. Thus avoid getting involved in too much air with the liquid should be at.







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