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【Product Name】:ZPW23 Rotary type tablet press Tea powder block tablet press chicken Stock tablet press (hydraulic device)


Aromatic tablets, triazolam tablets dedicated tablet press is one of our newly developed dedicated tablet press for easy damp granular materials into tablets, and non-stick red, tablets and smooth. This machine is mainly used to suppress aromatase tablets, triazolam tablets, disinfectant tablets and other chemical products.

How it works:

1 external casing is fully enclosed, made of stainless steel, the internal table with stainless steel material, can keep surface luster and prevent cross-contamination, in line with GMP requirements.

2 suppression chamber used plexiglass enclosed, can be clearly seen through the mechanical operation of the transparent protective cover, and can fully open for easy cleaning and maintenance.

3 mechanical and electrical integration, frequency control operation.


1 This model for viscous strong, poor mobility, easy to damp, high humidity powder using special stripping way to solve the difficult problem effervescent release.

2 is the best choice for suppression of high humidity environment.

When the upper and lower punch 3 tablet release lever is rotated out of the adhesive dust.

The machine used for all kinds of granular materials into a sheet, its biggest advantage is that in addition to pressing round tablets but also shaped pieces of various geometric shapes, double piece, ring piece and two-sided engraved tablets. 23 can be mounted on a turntable to pay active-type die, you can suppress the revolution 23.

Features: 1 This unit conforms to GMP standard pharmaceutical production and quality management. Compression chamber and the transmission mechanism is completely separate parts in contact with the drug are made of stainless steel or with special surface treatment, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, tabletting room with a transparent organic glass windows closed to prevent contamination throughout the show smooth, easy to clean . 2.ZPW23 rotary tablet machine has continuous lubrication system, so that the transmission system, rail and major friction parts are fully lubricated, reduce noise and wear and tear, so maintenance costs greatly reduced. 3 electrical control departments variable process control, has set the maximum principal stress and the primary pressure overload shutdown. 4 The machine has automatic fault diagnosis function, through the display prompts can quickly locate the point of failure, improve maintenance efficiency.

Product Name Large rotary tablet machine
Model ZPW23
Die number 23 pay
Product yield 55,000/hour
Tablet diameter 20mm
Tablet thickness 9mm
Fill depth 18mm
Working Pressure 80KN
Supply Voltage 380V
Motor Power 4KW
Motor frequency 50HZ
Area 930 * 950mm
Covering height 1850mm
Machinery NW 1500kg
Wheel diameter 320mm

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