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【Product Name】:RXH-C-T hot air circulating oven

RXH series hot air circulation oven

RXH series hot air circulation oven is equipped with low noise axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system, the entire circulatory system fully enclosed, high thermal efficiency, save energy, in the forced ventilation, uniform drying. Source may be steam or electricity, small machine noise, smooth operation, automatic temperature control, easy installed by maintenance, adapt to a wide range of various materials can be dried, is a common type drying equipment, the machine meets GMP validation requirements.

Applications: Hot air circulation oven is suitable for heating pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry materials, curing, drying dehydration. Such as raw materials, Chinese Herbal Medicine, extracts, powders, granules, powder, dehydrated vegetables.

Model Ⅰ(two-door)
Evaporation area(m 2) 14
Effective volume(m 3) 2.6
Every dry volume(kg) 120
Radiator area(m 2) Twenty three
Steam consumption(kg/m) 20
Heater power(kw) 18
Air volume(m 3) 3400
Equipped with power(kw) 1.1
Bake equipped vehicles(cars) 2
Should be set baking tray(only) 48
Dimensions 2300x1200x2300
Total weight(kg) 920

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