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【Product Name】:CH series Trough type mixing machine

Instructions for use

1, the machine is a horizontal paddle mixer single groove is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for dry uniformly mixed in different proportions or wet powder materials, and does not generate volatile materials were dissolved in the mixing process and deterioration.

2, it is equally applicable to chemical, food and other industrial sectors mixing different primary and secondary materials.

3, it does not apply to liquid or mix the material viscosity is too large.

Structural features

1, the machine looks, stirring paddle and material contact points are made of stainless steel, has good corrosion resistance, to maintain quality mix of materials and clean, without deterioration, discoloration.

2, The machine adopts gear drive, low noise during operation, timely add enough oil in the gearbox, parts can get good lubrication.

3, mixing paddle for uniaxial type when replacing variety of materials, mixing tank should be thoroughly cleaned.

4, the machine manually pouring mechanism, simple, flexible and reliable, and can greatly reduce the operator's labor intensity.

Care instructions

A regular inspection parts, 1-2 times a month, check the project are: worm, bearings, bushings, seals, etc., all moving parts are rotating flexible and various parts of the wear parts, find defects promptly repaired.

2, after a lay-off after use and when, should remove any residual material machine ministries and clean. Such as down time is longer, the parts of the machine should be surface coated with anti-rust oil, cover with a tarpaulin good.

3, mixing paddle should be light demolition, light, stable equipment, in order to avoid damage to the deformation.

The main technical parameters:

Model CH10
Working volume 10L
Stirring speed 25r/min
Maximum angle of the chute 105 degrees
Stirring motor 0.25kw
Pouring motor Manual
Dimensions 570 * 2300 * 420mm
Weight 45kg

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