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【Product Name】:Fittings of pharmaceutical machinery




Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. has a complete harmony of medicine machine accessories, and continuous innovation and improvement, so that drug machine performance is more excellent, more stable. Thanks to the strong support of our new and old customers and years of hard work and efforts, production and marketing has been ranked the forefront of the domestic counterparts. Has an excellent technical standards, professional high team. Has passed the ISO9000 international quality system certification, and strictly produced under this system manufacturing and services, and is equipped with a set of advanced production and testing equipment and procedures, so that the products in full compliance with GMP standards. All kinds of pharmaceutical equipment accessories (various models of tablet presses track disc feeder, roller, pressure shaft, upward track, the down rail, hoppers, clutch, gear wheels, worm gear rim, drive shaft and the worm, the central axis, only push the ring, the amount of powder regulator, helical gear, a small worm, a small worm, etc.) and all kinds of machinery parts. In the "people-oriented, Germany Societe Generale, character casting products" business philosophy, harmony machinery will continue to provide you with advanced technology, reliable quality products and services.
Xinghua Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of harmony tabletting machine parts. Honesty, high quality and reasonable prices, good service, to meet customer demand.
Regular inspection of wearing parts (1 to 2 times per month), check the project for the friction surface wear worm, worm, bearings, roller, pressure shaft, up and down the track, find defects should be repaired in use.
Once used up or shut down, they should remove the remaining powder, brush clearing residual powder sub machine parts. As compared with plant downtime must be removed all die, the light receiving surface of the machine is coated with anti-rust oil, cover with a cloth Punta good.
Die maintenance should be placed in a metal box there, so die all immersed in oil, and kept clean, rendering rust and bumps. Preferably a metal box made ​​specifically to each specification to a box, you can avoid using the wrong fashion and master defect cases. Use spaces should be regularly cleaned up, especially for the manufacture of tablets and medicine should not be eaten more gray sand, fly ash present. Xinghua harmony Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds tablet accessories, tablet press tooling, various models of tablet press. Quality assurance. Welcome to the new and old customers to negotiate.

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