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【Product Name】:ZPW29 Proplis-tablet tablet press

I. Application:

1, the machine is an automatic rotation, frequency control, continuous tableting machine. It is mainly used in the manufacture of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, while the granular material in the chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors suitable for compressed into tablets.

2, the machine is suitable for pressing powder containing volume (more than 100 mesh) does not exceed 10% of the particulate material. This machine does not apply to semi-solid, moist granules, low melting point, easy tide of raw materials and grain-free powder compaction.

3, the function of repression of 4 to 20 mm round, shaped and double-sided lettering, circular tablets, and tablets to suppress 20 mm according to the ordering requirements. (Special specifications pressing 22 mm)

Second, the main technical parameters:

Turntable die number 29pay
Maximum working pressure 80kN
Maximum tablet diameter 22mm
The maximum thickness of the tablets 6mm
The maximum depth of fill 18mm
Maximum tablet production 10Ten thousand/hour
Working diameter turntable 420mm
Turntable speed 6.2-20Rev/min
The die diameter 34mm
In the mold height 22mm
Upper and lower punch diameter 26mm
The length of the punch 115mm
Undershoot rod length 115mm
Dimensions 980×1240×1690mm
Machine weight 1850kg
Power 4kw
Speed 1400Rev/min


Applicable industries:

1, the pharmaceutical industry: Herbal tablets, medicine tablet, nutrient tablets, veterinary medicine, etc.

2, the food industry: candy pieces, coffee tablets, lozenges, chocolate beans, seasonings block, etc.

3, the health care industry: buccal tablets, milk tablets, calcium tablets, propolis tablets

4, electronic battery industry: electronic components, such as button batteries

5, the chemical industry: mothballs, aromatic balls, fertilizer tablets, mosquito coils, catalyst, disinfection tablets, powder, etc.

6, metallurgical ceramics industry: Catalyst, grain powder metallurgy, ceramics grain, metal sheets, etc.

The working process of the tableting machine can be divided into the following steps:

A lower punch punch site (its working position upwards) Central die hole extends into the lower end of the die hole, seal the bottom of the hole in the mold;

2, the use of the feeder to the drug filling the die orifice;

3, on the red punch site (its working position down) since the fall of the upper mold die hole hole, and certain travel downstream, the powder into tablets;

4, on the red ascend out of the hole. Undershoot rise to the top of the tablet in the die hole, to complete a tabletting process;

5, rushed down to the next place, ready for the next one to fill.

Tablet tablets mechanism works:

1. Dose control

There are a variety of tablets of different dosage requirements, high dose adjustment is accomplished by selecting a different diameter of the punch die to achieve. After choosing the size of the die, the tiny dose adjusted by adjusting the depth of the lower punch inserted into the die hole, so as to alter the actual length of the back after the die orifice, a die orifice to regulate

The purpose of the fill volume of the drug. Therefore, on a tablet machine should have adjusted undershoot in the mold of the original location of the hole institutions to meet dose adjustment requirements.

2. Thickness and compaction control pills

Dose is determined according to the pharmacopoeia of prescription and can not be changed. For storage, preservation and disintegration time requirements, tableting pressure on certain dose is required, and it will also affect the actual thickness and appearance of the tablets. When tabletting pressure regulator is essential. This is accomplished by adjusting the hole punch in the mold to achieve the amount of downlink. Some tablet tableting machine with a punch not only during downward movement, but may also have a lower punch upward movement, by the upper and lower punch relative movement together to complete the compression process. But more than that to achieve a pressure regulator pressure regulator and control impulse downward adjustment amount by the institution.

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