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【Product Name】:ZP11A Rotary type tablet press

First, the purpose and scope of application instructions

1, the machine is based on the production of automatic rotation, continuous tablet tablet press machine miniaturization, it is mainly used to study processes in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors, to confirm whether the original pieces shaped into tablets important equipment agents.

2, the machine is suitable for energy compressed into tablets (the machine pressure range), and the volume containing powder (100 mesh or more) of not more than 10% suppression of granular materials.

3, the machine is suitable for pressing 4 to 12 mm circular, shaped and engraved tablets.

4, the machine does not apply to semi-solid, moist granules, low melting point materials and non-hygroscopic particles of powder tablet.

Second, the main technical parameters

Third, the working principle and main structure

A turntable structure: Turntable is the main pieces of the machine to perform the work. There are upper and lower assembly, spindle, turntable and other main parts composition. Uniformly distributed on the circumference of the turret punch between the turntable and the spindle torque is transferred from the flat key, the spindle is supported on bearings by a worm gear drive, the spline connection, the spindle is rotated, the work of the turntable rotation.

2, the track mechanism: a cylindrical cam with the upper rail and lower rails composed of the upper and lower punch rod movement trajectory. Washed up on the rails on the track, on the red downward track, on a parallel track to rush, rushed down on parallel tracks, depressed rail tracks and other multi-block components. They are fastened to the upper rail plate. Undershoot under downward track by track, the rail onto the rails and filling composition. They are mounted on the lower rail seat.

3, filling adjustment device: Filling adjustment is used to adjust the tablet weight. Filling the adjustment mechanism inside the main body of the apparatus, in the plane of the body can be observed crescents filled spiral track and it has a role to control the increase or decrease the amount of filler, when the adjusting disc is rotated clockwise to reduce the filling amount, whereas the increase .

4, slice thickness (pressure) regulating device: down under the pressure by adjusting the slice thickness adjustment wheel (pressure). Fitted in the groove under the pressure of the wheel body, which set in an eccentric shaft connected to the outer end of the hand wheel, when the external hand wheel adjustment, the eccentric shaft driven by the pressure roller up or down, i.e., sheet thickness adjustment (pressure), in order to controlling the thickness and hardness of the tablet. The pressure wheel can be adjusted up or down as the adjusting means, but in general is not transferred.

5, the charging device: The device consists of a hopper, screw adjusting the composition and feeder. Doser crescent gate feeders, which is mounted on the turntable. Face feeder turntable height and gap of the hopper is adjusted according to the flow of the particles.

6, transmission: Transmission part of the ride is the gear box from the motor, timing belt pulleys and worm gear, wheels and other components test driver. Motor mounted on the bottom plate of the motor seat, after the motor starts, by a pair of synchronous belt transmits power to the gear box worm whirl. By AC variable frequency motor speed to the speed of the stepless speed. Open the sides or back door can be directly observed and access to these parts.

7, the housing part: The machine is fully enclosed housing, in line with GMP requirements. There are four windows on the half enclosed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The lower half of a stainless steel door closed, locking off under normal circumstances, only open the door when the mold repair and installation. The front of the machine to install a console. Compression chamber and the machine transmission parts are separated by a stainless steel enclosure, ensuring tableting room clean and protect the transmission from the other pieces of powder pollution, corrosion.

No. Name Unit Index
1 Turntable die number kn 11
2 Maximum working pressure kN 50
3 Maximum tablet diameter mm 18
4 The maximum thickness of the tablets mm 6
5 The maximum depth of filling mm 15
6 Maximum tablet production Tablets/hour 12000
7 Working diameter turntable mm 200
8 Turntable speed Rev/min 0-23
9 The die diameter mm 26
10 In the mold height mm 22
11 Upper and lower punch diameter mm 22
12 Upper and lower punch length mm 115
13 Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 610×450×1100
14 Weight kg 300
15 Motor Power kw 1.5
16 Voltage v 220

[Molded piece show]

[Tableting machine Mould]

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