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【Product Name】:RXH hot air circulating oven


Hot air circulation oven is my first domestic product, after several upgrades reached the international advanced level. Is the production of CT and CT-C two series of products, the basic principle is the use of electricity as heat energy, the use of fan convection heat, the material for heat transfer, and continue to add fresh air and exhaust moist air. Drying time can maintain proper tank temperature and relative humidity, its most important feature is that most of circulating hot air inside, thus increasing the heat and mass transfer, saving energy.

For the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, electronics and many other industries materials, finished cooling, curing and sterilization unit operations. Such as: raw material medicine, medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, powders, granules, powder, pill, pigments, dyes, perfumes, bottles, dehydrated vegetables, food, plastic resin, electric elements, drying varnish and so on.


In the power source, through a heat exchanger heated by a hot air circulating inside the wind turbine to promote hot air flows through the drying plate and the layered material by heat exchange and moisture away volatile material, thus completing the entire drying process, the temperature inside the free to manual control, can also be set automatically after insulation value, temperature at -1 ℃. Hot air circulation oven consists of angle iron, stainless steel plate and cold plate. By a high density insulating layer silicate cotton-filled, high-density silicate cotton oven ensures thermal insulation, but also to ensure the safety of the user. Heater mounted on the side of the smart meter with digital display to control the temperature.

Hot air circulation oven duct design, there are two: horizontal and vertical air blast, followed by fan power supply fan start switch, depending on the fan should turn in the same direction and mark symbol. Shutters in the oven on the right side of the blade angle alignment, try to make the hot air circulation area, please note that the lower part of the two blades do not open, from the third to start up, it leaves open the angle should be increased gradually, set the oven moisture inside the body is used to exclude moist air, humidity and time to be setting the oven temperature to rise to what you need, namely, humidity, but humidity valve opening angle is not too large, the general humidity amount according to the amount of moisture contained in the feed material

OK. CTS installed, because the various components during transport displaced phenomenon must be adjusted timing components used in order to ensure the use of the oven.


1, according to the provisions of the capacity of a good three-phase four-wire link power (the idea of ​​turning the fan) out of pipes and solenoid valve, box must be well grounded.

2, since the bake car, baking tray installed materials, closed the door.

3, the "manual, automatic" function switch K1 placed in the "off" position, the case of steam, electric oven needs to be dual-function switch K2 "steam, electric" at the kind of position you are using a heat source. Press the "ON" button to turn on the fan, thermostat oven temperature display within that time, then such request by the person inside temperature control, the "K1 function switch to" manual position, power or steam will automatically turn on the heat heat exchanger started. Inside temperature starts to rise, while the temperature controller to display the inside temperature, when you reach the desired temperature, the function switch K1 can be set to "Off", the heat stops heating, the inside temperature will not rise , the fan will still work inside the hot air circulation. When the desired temperature is also press the "OFF" button to turn off all of the oven to stop working. Then if required, and to maintain a stable temperature inside the box for some time, the function switch K1 will be placed in the "off" position, the set up the required temperature after (see Method 4), the function switch K1 is set to "Auto "bits, the box began to heat up, when it reaches the set temperature automatically cut off the heat, when the temperature is below the set time and then automatically turn on, can the function switch to the" off "position, or click the" off "button to make the box to stop heating, fans throughout the course of their work is always work.

4, temperature control device setting method: The "Measure, set" switch to "set" position, rotate setting potentiometer so that the displayed value to the desired set temperature value. The "measure, set" switch to "measure" position, temperature controller into operation, the actual temperature test chamber, when the set value rose to automatically cut off heat, the inside temperature drops below

When the set value is automatically turned on the heat source to heat up, the temperature difference is ± 1 ℃.

5, exhaust temperature method: When the inside temperature rises to the set temperature, the material temperature to evaporate the moisture within Germany, so that the inside is full of steam, at this time should exhaust temperature valve is opened, the exhaust steam to be exhaust gas closed after less moisture exhaust temperature valve, continue drying.

6, adjust the temperature distribution inside the drying process will be uneven temperature distribution inside because: big place inside the air temperature is high, and vice versa low temperature, adjust the box on both sides of each page type phoenix board point of view, to change the size of the import and export, to change the size of the power flow, leaving the inside temperature uniformity.

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