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【Product Name】:Feeder of Tablet press

Tableting machine hopper and feeder mechanism comprises feeding the composition, both of which are connected by a flexible conduit, the particles of the drug through the hopper into the feeder tube. Since the single-punch tablet machine die position on the machine does not move, and only the reciprocating press operation along the axis thereof, and the relative position of the feeder with a mobile die holes, and therefore requires the use of a flexible catheter. Common feeder swing type shoe shoe reciprocating feeders and feeder.

[Swing] shoe feeder

This feeder shape like a boot, made ​​by a cam driven swing. When the feeder surface remains small (about o.1mm) gap on the bottom of the mold, when swinging spout alignment in the die hole, drug borrow feeder jitter from the spout to fill the die hole, when the feeder after the swing rate increase, charging port left in the die hole, the bottom surface of the mold on the surface of the upcoming particle gelling. Thereafter, the exposed hole in the die, the punch begins to drop tableting, until the tablet within the mold press forming, rising from the opening in the upper punch of the die bore, but also increases the undershoot, and the top of the sheet in the mold section Kong; when the feeder to the back swing, the repression appropriated container in good tablet and powder again to fill in the die bore. This powder feeder in the same time kept swinging with feeder, due to uneven powder particles and differences in the proportion of different materials, could easily lead powder stratification.

This feeder appearance also as boots, their feeding and evenness, pushing films such action principle and swing feeder same. The difference is that the feeder in the reciprocation, the drug filling process is complete to the die orifice. When the feeder forward, the front end of the front feeder reciprocating process by the punch die hole disclosing tablets being pushed to the receptacle; while feeder covers the die bore, a gate alignment die bore , the drug particles fill the die hole; backward when the feeder, the feeder bottom surface of the mold on the surface of the particles of the leveler; thereafter, the exposed part of the die hole, the upper and lower punch relative movement, the holes in the mold powder compressed into tablets, then improved rapidly on the red, red rose next to the top of the die hole tablets to complete a tableting process.

Filling regulatory agencies

On a tablet machine by adjusting the die orifice in the lower punch inserted into the depth of fill volume change of the drug. Moment rushed down, die hole empty volume increases, increase the amount of drug filling, tablet dose increases. On the contrary, when the undershoot increases, volume decreases mold hole, tablet dosage is reduced. The next set of six air-filled red adjustment nut 9, rotation of the nut 9 to make the next punch up or down. When the confirmation adjust the position of the right, it will be nuts to sell fixed. This filling adjustment mechanism, also known as direct regulatory agencies, pennant turn a blind nut pick amount reflects the amount of change in the mode pore volume.

Pressure regulating mechanism anchor anchor

Single punch tableting machine using the eccentric cam on the rotating shaft up and down reciprocating motion to drive punch tableting process is completed, the upper punch by adjusting the position of the crank is connected, thus changing the stroke start position, the upper punch can be achieved for the die orifice the degree of compaction of the drug. Composite eccentric mechanism can also change the method of total eccentricity, reaching the die hole punch on the impact of drugs on the pressure regulating purposes. The former can be called a spiral regulation, the latter called eccentricity regulator.

(A) a pressure regulating mechanism spiral

Figure 3-6 shows a spiral pressure regulator tableting machine. When the pressure regulator, to loosen the nut 6, the rotary die set 7, the shift toward the upper, to increase the thickness of the tablet, press pressure is reduced; washed down when on the sheet thickness can be reduced, increasing the punch pressure. When adjusted to meet the requirements, you can tighten the nut 6.

(B) the pressure regulating mechanism eccentricity

Figure 3-7 is adjusted by adjusting the eccentricity pressure tableting machine. Spindle loaded on four eccentric 5 has another eccentric 3, if necessary adjust the pressure, turn the adjusting worm 2, the eccentric sleeve 3 (its outer edge processing with a worm gear) rotation on eccentric 5, so that the total eccentric increase or decrease the distance, you can adjust the compression pressure reaches the destination.

Anchor anchor the film agency
On a single punch tablet machine, using a cam driven fork down reciprocating motion, allowing increased significantly undershoot, and compressed into tablets from the die hole ejection. Undershoot rising highest position also needs to be adjusted, if the next hoisting out too, will happen feeder dial pills sports action and undershoot interfere, causing damage undershoot phenomenon; hoisting out if the next is too low, the tablet can not be fully exposed in the mold on the surface, prone to the phenomenon of broken tablets. This adjustment is accomplished by a nut, rotation of the nut 7 which can change the axial position of the lower punch sleeve, thereby changing the effect of the fork 8 for its time and greater size of the air-way. When adjusted when appropriate, should be a pin locking nut 7.

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