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【Product Name】:ZP33C veterinary drug tablet press (GMP standard)

The machine used for all kinds of granular materials into tablets, in addition to pressing the outer disc can suppress various geometries profiled sheet, double-sided lettering piece, the old models improved. The structure of the double pressure type, there are two sets of feeding device, two pressure wheels, filling depth, tablet thickness can be adjusted. The machine is equipped with mechanical buffer device, pressure overload can automatically stop, the machine is also equipped with protective devices washed off, to avoid damage to the parts, the whole line with GMP requirements. Vacuum cleaner can be configured according to user requirements, screening machine, feeding machine. The machine is a continuous sub-stations and automatic feeding pressure pills suppress machinery, high yield, good reliability. Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, can also be used in food, chemical and other industrial sectors, dealing with all kinds of granular materials and the manufacturing process or piece of basic equipment. Suitable for mass production to suppress a variety of round tablets, sugar tablets or calcium and so on. Not applicable semi-solid, wet granular powder and fine powder compaction no. 1, the upper half of the machine structure for tabletting. Fu die 33 on the turntable is evenly distributed in the die by the upper punch, the mold, the other three lower punch members composed of the rear upper and lower punches curve fitted to the fixed rail, when the turntable rotates, the plunger with the constant lifting motion guide rail curve, when the upper and lower punches by pressing the wheel cylinder surface is finished tablet. 2, tabletting work is divided into: filling particulate material - pressure - the film, three program continuously. Filling and pressurization control mechanisms were not adjusted. To improve the productivity of the machine, the machine body is double compression, i.e., the turn correction rotation with the second compression process cycle, the die hole and the pressure wheel axis are arranged staggered so that the vibration of the machine and the power consumption is minimized.

Die number 33pay
Maximum tablet pressure 60kN
Maximum tablet diameter 20mm
The maximum depth of fill 15mm
Maximum tablet thickness 11mm
Wheel speed 11-28rev/min
Production capacity 10 Ten thousand/hour
Electrical 2.2KW, 960r/min, 300V/50/Hz
Dimensions 930*990*1600
Weight 900kg

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