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【Product Name】:TDP series Single stamping tablet press (laboratory)

1, This machine is small desktop tablet press, motor-driven, continuous punching a variety of tablets

2, the machine can be a variety of small particles, coarse powder stamping round or shaped tablets, suitable for laboratory or small batch production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, shaped and so on.

3, the machine is not available for stamping large solid particles, moisture or very fine powder.

4, the machine structure is simple, easy operation, high degree of automation for various shapes of tablets stamping

The main technical parameters:

Model TDP1.5 TDP5
Maximum tablet momentum(KN) 15 50
Maximum tablet diameter(mm) 14 18
The maximum depth of fill(mm) 11 15
Upper and lower punch diameter(mm) 10 10
In the mold outer diameter(mm) 28 33
Tablet production(tablets/time) 3600 2000-3600
Drive power(kW) 0.37 0.55
Machine weight(kg) 85 145
Dimensions(mm) 540 * 450 * 640 600 * 500 * 700
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