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【Product Name】:ZWS137 tablet sieve machine


The machine used to remove particles attached to the surface of the film and from the tablet press out the excess material part of the piece band together with the tablet out.

Features: The machine parts are basically made of stainless steel material, easy to wash, corrosion resistance, low noise, mobile and flexible, speed continuously adjustable, continuous dust features.

Technical Parameters

Sieve tube diameter 137mm
Motor Power 25w
Voltage 220v
Sieve drum speed 0-75r/min
Dimensions 750 * 320 * 1030mm
Total Weight 37kg


1, before use to check whether the voltage of the power supply voltage specified in this machine.

2, when used to align the machine into the piece bucket of a tableting machine to slice mouth. According use regular cleaning sieve barrel dust bucket. Also available in a vacuum effect, the dust sucked out by the suction pink mouth.

3, in the course if found strange sound, should immediately stop using, cut off the power, be excluded continue to be used after failure.

Note: The tablet press machine vacuum with matching speed adjustable, 304 stainless steel

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