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【Product Name】:CH series trough mixer

ZP5A, ZP7A, ZP9A, ZP11A rotary tableting machine is suitable for studying the process of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, and small-scale laboratory trial production, the particulate material is pressed into a circular diameter of not greater than 13mm, the shaped and with text , symbols, graphics, automatic successive sheet production equipment. Pressing the sheet containing the amount of powder material(100 mesh or more) does not exceed 10% of the particles, the machine does not apply to semi-solid, moist particles of the low melting point material and non-hygroscopic powder particles tableting.

The main technical parameters:

Name Indicators
Turntable die number(deputy) 5,7,9,11
Maximum working pressure(KN) 40
Maximum working diameter(mm) 13
Maximum tablet thickness(mm) 6
The maximum depth of fill(mm) 15
The maximum production capacity(pieces/h) 9600-13440
Turn after working diameter(mm) 200
Turntable speed(t/min) 32
The mode diameter(mm) 26
In the mold height(mm) Twenty two
Upper and lower punch diameter Twenty two
Upper and lower punch length 115
Overall dimensions(L * W * H) 600 * 960 * 1150
Machine weight(kg) 300
Main electric efficiency(kw) 0.75
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